GeForce 9800GT paired with Intel i7-920 questions

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I am building a computer with some parts that were given to me and with a bit of money. The motherboard I was given has an LGA1366 socket so that's why i am using an Intel i7-980 quad core processor. I was given a GeForce 9800GT 512mb video card so I would like to use that.

I was just wondering if I would be able to play games such as Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Far Cry 3, and League of Legends and on what settings I would be able to play them on.

Thanks in advance.

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I made a mistake in the text, it is indeed an Intel i7 920

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My old rig had a 9800gt+ along with a q8200. Which resolution is the monitor you use? That graphics card can still play most games on a lower resolution. I used it on a 768 display and had decent results for such a old rig. I recently tried Dayz, The Witcher 2, and New Vegas and it played those games perfectly fine at that resolution. 1080p gaming? ehhhh not so much, especially with newer games. I would strongly suggest upgrading your GPU if you want to play newer games and have a higher resolution.

Those games were on high settings btw.

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Well... LoL will run fine, Skyrim on medium-high, and Fallout on high.

Keep in mind though that those parts are ancient, and none of those games are graphically demanding at all. And any decent looking game (like Far Cry 3) will run terribly, if at all.

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That cpu is still pretty good even in this day. That 9800GT is getting long in the tooth these days when its bare minimum or just does not make requirements. But as for Skyrim a mix of medium and high settings is doable, Fallout 3 and Vegas high settings is easily done. Farcry 3 low to mediumish settings LOL should be fine. I would look at getting something like GTX 750ti and you will be able to play all the games on high.max/settings.

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Will using 2 9800's with SLI bridging make it better? I'm kind of new with this stuff

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@bumblebee2na said:

Will using 2 9800's with SLI bridging make it better? I'm kind of new with this stuff

Now if your getting those 9800GT's for free or very very cheap is the only reason to use them. A new $150 card today is 4-5x faster then a 9800GT with 2-4x the memory then being dx 11 when 9800 is only dx 10. I ran 8800gt's SLI from 2008 to 2011, the main reason for upgrading them was because their 512mb buffer wasnt handling the resolution I was using.

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Skyrim and Fallout games you will manage 1080p with medium-high settings, with Skyrim around 30fps with Fallout games around 60fps. With Farcry 3 you will probably just manage around 900p-720p at low-medium at around 30fps. Never tried LoL so I have no idea.

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My 9800 GT Blew a capacitor head with a i7 920 lol