Gauntlet-like game on PC?

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#1 Posted by Renwyld (227 posts) -

Hi! Is there any Gauntlet-like game on the PC? (You know, the kind of RPG that is really action-based and that involves a lot of monsters).

Thank you very much! =)

#2 Posted by teardropmina (2806 posts) -

most CRPGs are going to have some story to go with hack n' slash, dungeon crawling.

could check out Icewind Dale, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Dungeon Sieg; and of course co-op Diablo 2

#3 Posted by jedinat (3560 posts) -
Yeah, play Diablo 2 on bnet with some friends (or strangers)
#4 Posted by Loifoyd (30 posts) -

Get Medieval was a great Gauntlet type game, completed years ago but still play it every now and then.

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You definitely want Diablo 2.
#6 Posted by Makari (15250 posts) -
Diablo 2 or Titan Quest. We've also got Sacred 2 coming out in a couple weeks.