Garrys mod, whats some fun stuff to do?

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i just got version 9, and i was wondering, what are some fun things to do?

also on a side note, i have Intel core 2 duo-t7200 (2.0ghz), 2gb ddr2 ram, nvidia geforce go 7950gtx (512MB) wellif i put a bunch of destructible crates out and shoot a rocket well my pc goes into massive lag like prolly 3-4fps, whats going on?

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thanx for the guide
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I usually just end up making cars
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Pirate ship wars mod, stalker mod, and RPing
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any1 know anything about my problem tho?
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any1 know anything about my problem tho?xfactor19990

I have the same problem, I have a 8800GT, X2 6000 and 2gigs of DDR2 800Mhz RAM, but it's not really your problem, it's the source engines fault, wasn't made to have 100 barrels blow up.

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any1 know anything about my problem tho?xfactor19990

Lot's and lot's of physics will kill any CPU. The engine simply wasn't designed to handle lots of interactions at the same time.

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Anyway I like doing fun things with a tubcar, personally.

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ok lol i was concerned
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Spawn a bunch of zombie NPCs all over the map and then spawn a monk then watch him kill all of the zombies. :D