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So I currently have .NET 4.5 installed on my computer. The past couple of months I have been unable to play games that use this in combination with Microsoft Visual C++(2010). I was wondering if anyone is having this same problem?

I've purchased Miner Wars, Witcher 2, and most recently Devil May Cry. I can't play these games at all. When trying to use the executable file I get the following:

"CLR error: 80004005.
The program will now terminate."

Earlier this week I assumed that it had to do with Steam, but that's not the case. I was wondering if anyone can confirm that some of these games do not use .NET 4.5 but an earlier version? Would that matter? For instance, after uninstalling both .NET Frameworks 4.5 and even Visual C++ I'll be prompted that I have a missing dll file when trying to execute Devil May Cry. That can be solved by installing Visual C++(2010). When trying to start DMC again I'm prompt that .NET isn't installed and it suggests I download version 4.0.3. Sounds simple...

I decided to download the earlier version but the installation will not finish. I receive a rollback that undos the installation and then I'm prompted that the installation couldn't be complete because of a fatal error. Odd. But I am allowed to reinstall .NET 4.5. Reasonable enough. But once I do that, I continue to receive the CLR error. :(

I feel like I wasted money.