Games not scaling properly

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Hello my friends. If possible, help would be much appreciated.

I replaced my old monitor with a HDTV. This is partly because of poor eye-sight. Running the desktop at 720p makes everything super easy to read with disability options enabled.

When using nvidia scaling, I can set 1080p and scale it properly in the desktop. However, when I go into video game titles (such as for example Metro Last Light) the screen is smaller than the full picture displayed, with much of the graphics on display cut off, extending further than the screen.

I can easily just set games to 720p and force a ton of AA. But it would be nice to run max resolution since reading small text generally isn't an issue with most video games.

Help please? On a 550ti Nvidia card using a DVI output.

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Try using HDMI cable.

You could just play a bit with the TV settings resolution.

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Scaling problem I think.

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Check your scaling settings in nvidia control panel.

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My friend, I tried it. I scale it down in desktop to fit my screen properly yet it doesn't seem to apply itself to some games. Very odd.