Games not Reviewed on Gamespot (Updated as pmed or messaged)

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#101 Posted by jedikevin2 (5199 posts) -

Gamespot did a review for Bejeweled 3:


Nice Catch. Still sorting through to see if any other games got late reviewed which seems to be a norm on the Pc side of things. I removed Bejewled 3.

#102 Posted by jedikevin2 (5199 posts) -

Time for another update:

Games Added to the list

  • Major League Baseball 2k11 (has 360 and ps3 review but no PC)
  • Rift (said review in progress weeks ago so should be getting a review?)
  • SpaceChem
  • Revenge of the Titans
  • Inside a Star-Filled Sky
#103 Posted by -CheeseEater- (5257 posts) -
GameSpot can hire me, I'll do reviews for all of them :P
#104 Posted by agpickle (3293 posts) -

Drawn: Dark Flight is listed twice. Just letting you know. :)