Game pushing laptop past limits?

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I've had an old HP laptop lying around for a while, and decided to throw Simcity 4 on it - to play while laying around the house. It seemed to play extremely good for a few days; then all of a sudden the screen went black.

I immediately assumed the battery had died, and thought nothing until I realized the power light was still on - and that the charger had not lost power prior.

I hit the start key and titled the screen back and could faintly see the start menu. I cursed as I realized it was the bulb.


One day later, I turn on the laptop to double check, and it's working fine. I jump on Simcity again and no sooner do I start playing does it happen again.


It seems that Simcity is causing the bulb to temporarily die? I have no idea on laptops and how their components work (desktop guy) and just don't understand why it keeps happening... the only thing I can think of is that the game is asking for more than what the GPU can provide and is causing something crazy to happen.



TL;DR - Why does my game keep causing what appears to be, my laptop bulb burning out?

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Your video card has problems. Either it goes haywire when its too hot or its corrupted. Im pretty sure it isnt the bulb