Galactic Civilzation 2

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Thinking about picking this game up but i am wondering if it will be too much to take in, in-terms of what to do?

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I regreted buying Galactic Civilization II Ultimate Edition for $19.99. The reviews are overated imo: It scores a lot of 9s. I even over-rated it giving it an 8; I could've easily given it a 7.5.

The best thing about the game is the tech tree, although playing with the final product of your tech is not too much fun. I also like the robot that changes according to your moral compass.

The maps you play on are pretty plain looking, and I did not enjoy them. Planetary improvements are just icons, and are boring to build in the cue. You won't see your citizens walking around on the planet and so forth. Combat is also not that great: The graphics in combat are not that great, and the AI controls your ships. Basically you have three attack measures (laser, torpedo, railgun), and three components to ward of those attacks.

$9.99 is the most I would pay for this game--but do not expect to be wowed or impressed.

The game is not difficult from a deepness stand point. I thought the game was easy to play and not overwhelming. I would say a 12 year old could play this game easily. Sometimes the enemy can be difficult, but I managed to win.

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This and HOmeworld are my favorite space games.

If you have the patience to learn everything Galactic Civilization II has to offer you can easily get hundreds of hours out of it thanks to the gameplay and the tousands of mods out there.

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Its pretty damn awesome and, imo, has a medium-degree learning curve.  I was pretty new to TBS games at the time (I think I played Alpha Centauri prior, maybe a bit of Civ) and really enjoyed it.

It has an incredible amount of depth, charm, and replayability.  Great game, excellent value, would recommend it to anyone looking for a TBS game

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The tech tree is amazing on the game and there is also a pretty decent diplomacy aspect and a exploration and expansion aspect to it. As for challenge, there are about 15 different selections from very easy to murderous. Also the developers are one of the few that seem to care more about the customers than pirates so just for that i bought the game.