Fun team survival games?

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Just seein if anyone knows any good team survival games or good survival modes in some games. I know a few...Kinda lookin for a game thats similar to the first aliens vs. predator survival mode. Too bad i cant get that game to run anymore on XP.

- UT2004 Survival mode

-Killing Floor, nice online zombie survival mod for UT2004k

-AvP 1/Gold

-HL2 Zombie mods

If any of you have watched the movie Alone in the Dark, theres a scene where a bunch of troops set up a barricade and are trying to mow down a crapload of creatures while people are just firing everywhere in panic...I guess that movie set me in the mood for this type of game. :P


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I don't really know any, but that sounds awesome to me. Just poppin in to say that...
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This is looks like a Fun survival game


I hope they can pull it off well.

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