Free roam games!!!!!

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what are some good free roam pc games? something with a good exploration and gameplay?

Ps. i already have oblivion.

#2 Posted by sSubZerOo (43215 posts) -
X3: Reunion, free-roam space game.. Though it has a steep learning curve that takes a few hours, so this usually drives off 80% of the people who try it.
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You should look at the MMO genre.
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need for speed most wanted has a city that u can drive around in (the newest need for speed most wanted....)

Grandtheft auto series, Stalker, all MMOs, battlefield series? Mercenaries. Farcry aswell...

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Yea, you of course have your choice of a plethora of nonlinear RPG's such as the Elder Srcolls series or Bioware's line of RPG's, also Grand Thefto Auto pretty much popularized the sandbox free roaming genre for action games.
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Might and magic.

6-8 especially

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Also the postal series if u are into that
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Boiling Point.

It's buggy, but there's something about it.