Free Dead Space(requires Origin account)

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Thanks man. Played it a little when it first came out. Free is always a good way to get me to try it again.

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this would be great if ea's password recovery wasn't so s**t. Every time I try to put my email account and captacha code, I either don't get the email right away or that the captacha code resets itself even though I type it in correctly. Three years and it still isn't working for me

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EA celebrating not being the "worst company in America" again, and trying to stay off the list clearly

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Awesome. Downloading right now.

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Well it's kinda nice of them, you could've bought it for under 5$ over Steam sale last time.

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Already have it, but nice gesture. Also a great game worth playing if you haven't got it. I don't mind origin at all either, it's fast and lightweight. Updates are usually quick and haven't had problems in a long time.

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Another game to add to my pile of unplayed games, thanks

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Jumped on this....

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Already played it on the ps3 and got it for steam(came with a humble bundle once) but eh why the hell not, might as well get it on origin too although I doubt I'll ever play it.

Got Burnout Paradise like this once too. They should do this kinda stuff more often. :P

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Sweet. I love free mine.