For console about 3 feet away... TV vs Monitor?

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Would there be a difference between a 32inch LED TV and a 32inch LED monitor at that distance? Which would be a better idea?

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Depends of resolution
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Depends of resolutionMonsieurX
Full HD 1920x1080.
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Link to 32" monitor?

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Link to 32" monitor?

Typo. It's a 27 inch Samsung 350 monitor vs 32 inch TV.
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Link to 32" monitor?

Typo. It's a 27 inch Samsung 350 monitor vs 32 inch TV.

I'd pick monitor, probably cheaper too.
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Whichever costs less.
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Whichever costs less.Mink
Well they're mostly within 50 bucks of each other, so if there's going to be a considerable compromise for 50bucks less, I'd rather take the other.
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TV imo.

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Monitor for competitive gaming.

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Monitor for competitive gaming.


Need CRT/LCD(144/120hz) for that

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Monitor for competitive gaming.


Need CRT/LCD(144/120hz) for that

They are monitors.
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monitor. Probably will cost less as well and besides at only 3 feet away 32" might be to much for your peripheral vision
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You should consider the color range, and general look of each. A lot of times, the difference between a monitor and a TV at the same size/resolution is going to be in the saturation, boldness, contrast, etc. If you're using a PS3 or Xbox, you might be better of going with the TV, as consoles have the video outputs optimized for TVs better than most monitors. In my experience, several console games look better on the TV, while the PC versions look better on the monitor, because the saturation and contrast in the game is set to compensate for the display's own qualities. I've seen a couple games (trying to remember which was the latest one) where the PC versions even have an "HDTV mode" in the display options, for just that reason. Putting on HDTV mode using a monitor looks kind of weird, but it makes the game look more natural than default, when using a TV.

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I've never measured how back I sit, but I'd guess it's either 2-3 feet away from my 24 inch 1080p monitor. It's perfect for me, though I do have 15/20 vision ;)

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I have to wear my glasses 1 1/2 feet away from my 27 inch. I would rather have a 42 inch at 3 feet away from my face. i have 20/75 vision. 

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Why bump that thread for nothing?
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go with the 32" t.v 27" is to small for that distance and the scaler chip while likely be better in the t.v so your console games will look better

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Well they don't really make good 32 inches any more as it is all about making them as slim as possible... 2010 32 inches like the Samsung C580 and Sony EX500 perform better what you find in the 32 inch range on the market today, first and foremost because they used the older CCFL back lighting and not newer LEDs which ruin screen uniformity and cause clouding. The good TVs start at 42 inches, namely Panasonic plasma (ST60, GT60) which are among the best performers regardless of price.



Suggestion: go monitor.