Flash Drive problem...?

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#1 Posted by turbo_20000 (307 posts) -

I bought a new SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB flash drive which came with a programme called 'Sandisk Secure Access Software', which I did not have use for. I deleted the software from the memory stick. This caused the symbol for the memory stick to appear as a programme rather than the standard removable disk logo and when I try to use the memory stick at college it shows no folders/work.

Any solution to this problem?


#2 Posted by comp_atkins (31980 posts) -

what was the function of the secure access software? was the drive data encrypted?

#3 Posted by halokillerz (3406 posts) -

You can try formatting the usb, but this will also delete everything on the usb

#4 Posted by turbo_20000 (307 posts) -

I never thought of formatting, fixed my problem, thankyou.