First game to use mouse?

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Are you asking for advice on buying a gaming mouse or you're just asking which gaming mouse 1st purschased by us?

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Heh! That's great hahaha

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Mouse Trap by Milton Bradley.

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@MonsieurX: It even translated into my language 10/10

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@Fire_Wa11: @PredatorRules: @PredatorRules: lol moron - no im asking first game to use mouse

no ,useless bitch, its Alto Trek 1972. i found this . what a useless morons on this forum lol

That's great for you, next time please don't come to this forum.

Oh and yeah you could be nice to people, in RL you'd be punched in the face.

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I'm going to hang on to this link =P

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I don't get how you guys never used before