Fiber optic vs stock ps3 cable?

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ok i have ps3 a it comes with a regular red yellow white cable. I think i get suround sound with it, but its not very surroundy??

BUT i have a fiber optic, is that better? My HTIB onkyo s5100 hdmi is only pss through TT

Help! Thanks!

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Red/white cables= 2.1 channels of uncompressedsound max. It can't pass through surround sound unless you use more than 1 pair, which more expensive receivers use and it would only really be used for PC. Otherwise, things like Dolby Pro Logic 2 is used to create "5.1" from it, which sounds like absolute crap when the sound isn't mixed to be PL2 decoded. Then it would probably be better to stay 2 channel.

Optical/SPDIF = 5.1 channels of compressed sound or 2.1 channels of uncompressed sound *Right? Someone might correct me on that.* You need it to get at least 5.1 surround sound, which would be Dolby Digital or DTS. This is the basic surround sound, and it sounds great. Really gives a good surround sound that PL2 doesn't.

HDMI = Can do Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD, over 7.1 channels of sound that is uncompressed sound which is better than DD or DTS. But you gotta have a receiver that supports it.

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i have a 7.1 surround but it doesn't support hdmi... so i need a new amp?

the best cord i have is a fiber optical, so that's the best i can get right? system is a htib, but cant a get a different amp?

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fiber optic is only for sound so yeah use that connection if u have it on ur sournd sound receiver
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To get the best surround sound available yes you would need a new receiver, and you could probably use the old speakers and subwoofer too. Mind posting alink to your HTIB? Id like to see it

But for now, just use the optical cable. Even though its only 5.1, your receiver should upmix it to 7.1.

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What an evil acronym! Home theater's in a box need to die.
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Onkyo TX-SR507. Think its the cheapest receiver that does Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD and is 7.1. Looks for deals on it around the net.

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So if i get a new amp.... i would have to connect the hdmi like this:

PS3-->Reciever-->HDMI Switch box (for extra hdmi slots)-->TV?


Plug HDMI into PS3. Plug other end of HDMI to a HDMI in on the receiver. Plug another HDMI cable from the HDMI out to your TV. Thats how it works.

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it is a good system for sound, but i didn't notice what pass through hdmi meant TT

So if i get a new amp.... i would have to connect the hdmi like this:

PS3-->Reciever-->HDMI Switch box (for extra hdmi slots)-->TV?


Close. If you need additional HDMI inputs beyond what the receiver has, then you would chain the devices as such:

PS3, Xbox, Blu-ray player, etc..-->HDMI switch-->receiver-->tv

That way the receiver will handle the audio for all you devices.

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the Onkyo TX SR507 is only 5.1, but i did find this

looks descent and works. but i don't know if it will work with my stereo

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How good is fiber optic compared to hdmi.

Also... is 2 channels worth me buying another reciever that's $300-$500?

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fiber optic will give u the clearest sound
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I wouldn't expect a whole lot out of that Sony. It's a budget entry level receiver and nothing more. I'm not sure what you mean about it working "with" your stereo. It would replace the receiver you are currently using. Using an optical connection is fine for legacy surround formats, but if you want to use the newer lossless formats that blu-ray offers, then you use HDMI. There really is no discussion over which is better, you simply have no choice in the matter.

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What an evil acronym! Home theater's in a box need to die.

Not everyone has the money, time or knowledge to buy something better.