Farcry 2 vs. 3. trying to get ready for #4.

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I have both farcry 2 and 3. Gave up on 2 after I had to get malaria pills all the time. tried 3 again and it felt so redundant. If I can get passed the damn pills things, is farcry 2 the better game?

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No. Far Cry 2 has pretty much one advantage: The super minimalist HUD. And I believe that with the patches, FC3 lets you fix the ridiculously intrusive HUD that it had at launch. If you think FC3 felt redundant, you'll literally go insane after like 2 hours of FC2. Just push a bit farther in 3. It's a great game.

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FC3 is way better than FC2. Just push a little further and you'll undoubtedly enjoy FC3.

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@Tranula: Far Cry 3 is absolutely excellent. Do as they say and keep going, it gets better.

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FC3 is an absolute blast. I love the feeling of the guns.

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@Nick3306 said:

FC3 is an absolute blast. I love the feeling of the guns.

Me too. And the cover system. It's just so damn natural and fluid. The kind of mechanic that's so perfect I really do hope that it just gets adopted by everybody and becomes one of those default actions that you expect in any FPS, like right click for iron sights/aim, or spacebar for jump.

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FC3 gets better alot better. If you found FC3 redundant then you will hate FC2. Boring and repetitive

You can also try FC3 blood dragon . Its more linear but its crazy over the top shooter with some great music and excellent gunplay ( everything about the craziest cliches of 80's really )

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I don't remember FC2 that well but I wouldn't be surprised if the gun mechanics were better (aside from the stupid jamming). The guns in 3 feel so consoley with near perfect accuracy and no recoil.

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@Tranula: You are going to like neither. Far Cry 3 is generally considered the better one when it is compared with Far Cry 2.

You made bad choices in selecting games.

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@Gelugon_baat: Oh thanks guys. Im really enjoying playing number 3. And thanks boo (Gelugy) for your insight. Awww your so sweet looking out for my gaming interests. Cant wait for our next date babe. Love you.

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FC2 is way better than FC3.