Far Cry 2, won't it Run in full screen(ALT+Enter doesn't work nor Fulscreen=1)

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I'm really sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section!Ive had far cry 2 for a few weeks now ,

I used to run FC2 on my old 7900GT Nvidia graphics card and FC2 worked like a charm. Recently I purchased a Asus 4870 card(dont get me started over the trouble Im having with that thing!) But ever sice I installed the card, every time I click on my FC2 desktop icon It shows the FC2 screen , the screen goes black and then closes the program, (I've ran it as administartor and the Disks Autorun.exe) When it decides to run its in widowed mode. Ive read that you should go into "GamerProfile".xml folder and change Maximize=1 and Fullscreen=1. I have done this with no results. Then I read you should press ALT+Enter to force it to maximze, all this does is close the program in my case. Ive also downloaded and installed the ATI_FC2 hotfix.


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Try reinstalling the game mate
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Should I also Remove saved games?
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no, just put them in another place, remove them from original place. Reinstall, se if it plays well. put the save files back in thier place
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THANK YOU f22rf !!!!!!!!!!!!! My problem has bee solved . I was so close to using my fc2 disk as a coster and the map as n napkin! To anyone who has te same problem as me be sure to switch to DirectX 9 not 10.