Fallout 3 random freezing

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#1 Posted by Budz420 (152 posts) -

im having a problem playing fallout 3, it will randomly freeze, sometimes i can get a good couple hourse b4 if freezes but sometimes it will freeze after like 15mins. this is the only game ive got a problem with.

specs, quadcore (dont know model, think its the lowest version of quads), 6gig ram, nvidida 9600 512mb.

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I am getting the same thing. Random freezes which causes the game to stop responding. And i have a Intel Quad core 3.0, 8-Gigs of RAM, G-Force 280 (NVIDIA) and Windows Vista.

The game runs with no effort whatsoever is just after a while it will permanently freeze and I have to go into the task bar manager to end its task. I have looked everywhere for a solution to this problem and have not found one.

Can anyone point me on the right direction?

#3 Posted by weirjf (2390 posts) -

If you have it enabled... turn off LIVE!

That POS caused me all kinds of issues that I thought was the game.

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I think that there was something to do with quad core processors, you had to edit some crap to TURN OFF 2 of the cores to actually stop all the crashes and freezing...it differs for EVERYONE. And yes, as weirjf pointed out, turning off Live will do wonders for the game.
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Old topic, but how do you turn off 2 of the cores?
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Old topic, but how do you turn off 2 of the cores?shade3134
You don't actually turn off the cores, but you can use either a software program or Task Manager to set the affinity for the game while running to 2 or fewer CPU's (Google CPU affinity setting for games)