Fallout 3 Disc version?.

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Hi. Just about to install fallout 3 what I have had for ages on disc but noticed be for installing it has Games for windows live on it. I no that this is being axed or might have been already but how do I install this with out installing GFWL and can I run it?. Note as said its the Disc and not steam version.


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Should have waited for a reply as now I tried and now its installing games for windows live arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :(

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GFWL was getting axed, but it was just the marketplace. So it should still work fine. You could also try activating the key from your boxed copy on steam.

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@zanelli said:

You could also try activating the key from your boxed copy on steam.

+1. A lot of games can be placed on steam :).

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Yeah tried using the cd key on steam but no luck.

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GOD DAMIT CD key been used too many times. The only people who suffer who buy legit is us who buy the frigging games. Do you need the GFWL cd key to save your game?.

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you can mod gfwl out of most games with a .dll file

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Hi. So I am buying Batman AA and AC game of the year editions boxed but the pic on the box has games for windows live but if I put the cd key into steam it should accept it?.

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I bought fallout 3 goty twice(both the US and Uk versions) and I can tell you that fallout 3 is one of those weird situations where you don't need gfwl to play it.

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You don't need to enter a CD key. Just click X when GFWL pops up and the game will work perfectly fine.

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there is a mod on nexus that removes it