Fallout 3 crashes 1

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#1 Posted by tuga12811 (12 posts) -
I'm having some problems with Fallout. Every time I kill people indoors and try to save/exit the building the game crashes to desktop. It also happens when I blow up Megaton. Can somebody tell me what to do to fix this?
#2 Posted by -D3ATH- (615 posts) -
System specs please.
#3 Posted by tuga12811 (12 posts) -

Intel Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz


Geforce 8800 GT 1GB

Windows XP Home Edition 2002

#4 Posted by Chris_53 (5105 posts) -
Those specs seem good enough to me. Are your drivers up to date? have you patched the game? Do you have stuff running in the background?
#5 Posted by -D3ATH- (615 posts) -
Also, try different game settings. It could have to do the outside effects not the killing. Try low details, low resolution and then start increasing it.
#6 Posted by tuga12811 (12 posts) -
Tried in lowest settings, keeps crashing. It started when I updated the game this morning, after that i already installed and uninstalled the game.
#7 Posted by tuga12811 (12 posts) -
Solved.It was a corrupted save.
#8 Posted by Chris_53 (5105 posts) -
Good, Oblivion is very simular. I kept having crashes yesterday, so I deleted all the saves and went back to the ones i backed up recently. So far its ok, fingers crossed
#9 Posted by dan-rofl-copter (2702 posts) -
My oblivion crashed a lot as well for the same reason.