Fallout 1 problem

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#1 Posted by INC_Raptor (56 posts) -
So I got Fallout the other day and finally installed it. When I booted it up the cutscene colors are messed up. Most parts of the cutscenes are covered in a rainbow of colors and I don't know how to fix it. Anybody know how to fix this problem.
#2 Posted by Gamerz1569 (2087 posts) -

I had that problem too I'm not sure what causes it but try runnin the game in compatibility and also when you click fallout DON'T touch anything dont click your mouse or touch a key in the keyboard (I'm not sure but when I seem to do that when Fallout is loading the rainbow of colours usually appear).

#3 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6629 posts) -

if you have vista, then running it in competability mode for win 95 fixes that problem.

think it does on xp aswell ^^

#4 Posted by INC_Raptor (56 posts) -
>: /. I'm running Windows 7 and don't know how to run it in compatibility mode on this OS.
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Just great. Now it's saying that Fallout requires 20 megabytes of free space on the hard disk. What is the problem with this freaking ?!
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i also had that messed up colour thing, but it was gone after i've set compatibility mode to XP SP2... same thing was with diablo 1, starcraft, warcraft 2 BN edition and some other old games that i tried to run on Vista x64 =] anyway i hope that will help