Eternal Eden sequel for PC and Mac

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I've been following Blossomsoft for quite a long time since they developed Western Lords for the Game Boy Advance. In 2008 they have released a new RPG called Eternal Eden.

The following screenshots show the current game in development Eternal Eden: Ecclesia, imo looks terrific for an old-school 2D game. Here's their page:

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia 2


Eternal Eden: Ecclesia 1


EE:E 2

EE:E 3

They're announcing a new Eternal Eden installment for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU if they meet their objective with the pre-order campaign.

Eternal Eden WiiU and 3DS

As of now, the campaign has 25 more days to go, and every contribution helps! I'll leave you with the link where you can learn more about the game, and a video. The developer also give away the first game for free. If you supported other projects like Pier Solar and Barkley 2, I think this project worth your attention.