Elgato Capture HD - How do I record live commentaries?

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This is my first post on the forums so I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. I have recently bought an Elgato Capture HD which is the new HD PVR "killer" on the market. It uses HDMI instead of component cables (Red, White and Yellow) and it's been GREAT so far. The only problem I am having is that I would like to record a live commentary. I have searched around the internet and found that if you have a Turtle Beach headset, which I do, then you can plug the USB and Audio cable (Green Plug) into the Xbox and the Microphone cable (Pink Plug) into the computer. That then allows you to record your voice in programs such as Audacity or any other voice recording software. The problem with that is then Audacity is picking up the game sounds which is already being recorded on the Elgato so I don't need it. All I need is my voice ONLY. I cannot seem to find any work around. Any help would be HIGHLY Appreciated.