EFI System partition?

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Hi all. I have just formated my PC and in disk management be for formatng there where only 2 partions in disk 0 which is my SSD where windows is in stalled and i use my normal 2Tbyte hard drive for games. My ssd drive is only 120GB. Now in disk 0 there are 3 disk which 2 normal but one extra. In disk 0 there are.

Disk 0

100MB Healthy(EFI System Partition)

(C:)101.23GB NTFS Healthy (Boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition

10.34GB Healthy (Primary Partition)

Disk 1

Local Disk (D:) 1863.02GB NTFS (Primary Partition)

Also i can not remember what it was be for but i no for sure it was not EFI and also it only had 2 disk and not 3 like. The thing its its 10X faster and windows 7 loads in 4 seconds compared to around 8 which i though was fast be for. Is there Any harm in EFI be for i continue as so far its actualy improved it but just checking. Thanks.

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The EFI thing is for SSD's, I dunno what that 10GB one is but I have the 100MB EFI partition as well.

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The 100MB one is a by-product of the installation but there are ways to remove it, if you pre-format and pre-partition your SSD before installing Windows then there's no 100MB partition, I wouldn't recommend removing it unless you follow a guide, the 10GB one i'm not sure why it's been created but if you need more space on your SSD then you can remove it I would imagine.