(Dynamix )'' The Red Baron '' is Coming Back in 2014 !! !

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Breaking News

And this is no lie . This is an official news bulletin .

Creator and co-founder of Dynamix , Damon Slye has written to me and announced that

The 1990 Smash hit '' The Red Baron '' is returning in 2014 .

Although the inspiration will be from the Original game , this Version will be a completely New Version with the same feel and atmosphere that you had , with the original one.

It has been in the making for several months and is being built to modern standards and also will be re-establishing its status of being one of the best combat flight sims of its time .

The aim is very well explained in this video posted earlier by Damon .


I hope this will make your day and like me will make your Year ..

:D , I am looking forward to hear or read about what you think yourself , feel free to write your excitement


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Interesting, never played that game series but hopefully it turns out well. However I did see "Dynamix" in the title and had a heart attack that it might be something Tribes related.


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Red Baron was one of the first titles that allowed me to gain my wings - that and the Aces series Slye mentions in the Kickstarter video.

I'd be over the moon to see this return. :)

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I'll reserve judgement until I see a decent SP campaign. While he's at it, how about a new Aces of the Pacific/1946? That was one of the games that made me switch to the PC (from the Amiga).

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@paquetsky: Wtf. The link takes you to Gamespot homepage lol.