Dungeon Siege II not running in windowed?

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Well I got Dungeon Siege II on steam today, and every time I set fullscreen=false (both in retail and steam, I happen to own both >.>) I can get up to the loading screen right before you actually play the game, but it then crashes. Every single time, without fail, the game crashes. It runs fine on full screen but I want to play this in a window! Please help!

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Have you tried pressing ALT+ENTER when in game?
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alt enter does nothing in game, unfortunately
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Try lowering the resolution and THEN ALT+ENTER?

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This game and Neverwinter Nights 2 have low FPS. Pisses me off cuz I like both of them. I can get either of them to lock @ 60 FPS and my system should run circles around it. I never play my games in windowed mode, I prefer them taking up the whole screen. Google search should help you.
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I just ran into a similar problem with the original "Dungeon Siege - Legends of Aranna" in Windows 7 x64. It was an issue with the screen resolution.

DS freezes on a black screen when leaving the main menu and entering the game. I noticed that the game seems to start in a default 800x600x32 but froze when changing to the screen mode I specified, 1024x768x32. After I set my screen-mode to 800x600 the problem disappeared. I guess the game can't change modes when windowed.

Alternatively, I was able to use D3DWindower, with mostly default settings, to do the same thing. On the "Common" tab I forced Height 1024 and Width 768, and on the "DirectInput" tab I enabled SetCursorPos. I had some mods already working so this is the "Command Line" I added:

nointro=true res_paths=MyMods dsdll_path=MyMods