Dual Monitor set up

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Hey guys, on friday I'm ordering a 22" widescreen lcd to upgrade from a 19" non widescreen lcd. Tonight I just remembered my video card has 2 DVI outputs, and last night I bought a second WoW account and am dual boxing (playing 2 accounts at once, both being windowed on one monitor) and it hit me. Can I use both monitors on my video card to play two WoW's at once? If that will work I have a few questions.

One being that having 2 full screen WoW's open on two different monitors, what kind of performance would I be getting? Would I have to turn down the video settings? Secondly, Is there anything I need to buy with the monitor to be able to achieve a dual monitor set up? My specs are an amd 64 3700+, 2 gigs of ram, and a 256 mb 7900gt KO edition. (So you can tell me what kind of performance I'd get with 2 full screen WoW's open.)

Any help would be great, because I would love to get this to work because playing two games in windowed mode is kind of lame compared to how great it would be having 2 full screen ones open :) Thanks.
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Yeah its going to give you a severe performance hit, it wouldn't be so bad if you had a dual core cpu but with only one its not going to be pretty probably. I don't know if you can get two fullscreened games going either, theres probably a way but I've hardly messed with it. It always defaults to using your primary display for fullscreen 3d apps. I use mine just for watching movies on my plasma TV. You won't need to buy anything extra, other than another monitor cable if you don't have a spare.