Dragon Age Origins PC Saved Games Location

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#1 Posted by Tahir_Ahmad (131 posts) -

Hello all,

I have completed the game once and want to start over with a new char but before that I want to make backup of my old save games, please tell me where are they located. I know that screenshots, configuration... etc is located in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age folder but no sign of saves, please help.

Ah yes I am using Windows 7 if that helps anyone to point out the location. Thanks.

#2 Posted by carlosjuero (1254 posts) -
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Characters
#3 Posted by Tahir_Ahmad (131 posts) -

Lol I must be blind, I didn't looked inside characters folder.

Thanks alot bud :)

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just go in documents

then in bioWare

then in dragon age

then save from Characters