Does Fraps lower fps?

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#1 Posted by MJPK (3361 posts) -

I heard that Fraps lowers your fps.Is this true?

#2 Posted by kidcool189 (4307 posts) -
nah, not at all, unless you're recording of course, but thats a given
#3 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12208 posts) -
From personal experience, no, unless (as the user above said) it's recording.
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Ok, Thanks.

#5 Posted by DanielDust (15402 posts) -

Not if you have A LOT of free space and your PC is good enough to run the game and record at the same time. By a lot of space I mean over 80 gb, to record in an uncompressed format, but you can compress it if I recall correctly if you have a registered copy and that would require a lot more CPU power than if you record it uncompressed, but of course it will take up a lot less HDD space.

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It doesn't lower fps unless you're recording. It will lower fps in game if you have it set to record at low fps. The raw recordings are very large (multiple gigs) even if it's a short clip, but when I run it through windows movie maker it makes it in the mb range instead of gig.

I have a rgistered retail copy so it might be different from the free version.

#7 Posted by xMP44x (425 posts) -
If you have a powerful enough computer, it won't lower your frames. However, if you're like me, the frame rate will lower substantially when you record. If you render it in some programs, it will make it look smooth - but also degrade the quality.
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any running program will lower fps on a low end machine, but it's usually unnoticeable. while recording it lowers it a lot.
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Recording with FRAPS caps your framerate to match the video recording speed. If you're recording with FRAPS at 30 fps, your game will not run above 30 fps.

And yes, even with a Core i7 you will experience lower framerates in games while recording at high resolutions and framerates. My 920 can't handle 1080p video recording at 60 fps without stuttering in many recent games (some games like CoD5 are relatively smooth, but you get patches of stuttering/freezing.) HDD is also writing at about 60MB/s at those settings.