Do you pre order on steam?

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#1 Posted by skipper847 (3530 posts) -

Do you pre order on steam or wait till it comes down in price and how many have you pre orded?. Ive been on steam for 8 years now but only just started to pre order games be for they come out on there and my 1st one was sleeping dogs and now just pre orded Bioshock Infinite. Or do you still buy box version which i still try and do and have done for simcity 5 as it was cheaper. (Stay on topic please you no why :D).

I do prefer boxed games but at this rate though i do think digital download is the future. Time to buy or invent some polish what smells like that new game case and instruction smell.

#2 Posted by the_bi99man (11054 posts) -

Even if I'm going to buy a game before a price drop, I've never preordered for a digital copy. Have seen tempting enough preorder bonuses. For a select few games from a select few publishers, I'll preorder boxed copies. Got Bioshock Infinite preordered at gamestop. That'll be my first preorder since Diablo 3, which was the first since Starcraft 2.

#3 Posted by darksusperia (6943 posts) -
depends on the game, preorder bonuses and price, but yes, ive preordered on steam.
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For me it depends on the game. If you're smart you can get Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite for 50-70 dollars on Ebay. Most people are selling their digital download codes from graphics cards so you end up paying like $25-30 for each game. However they sell the code together so you gotta pay like 50-70 up front. I got mine for $50 and the codes for Bioshock Infinite won't be released till later this month. Already activated Tomb Raider.
#5 Posted by nutcrackr (12802 posts) -
I used to preorder on steam, but green man gaming and gamersgate have much better preorder deals Haven't bought a game on Steam this year but I have bought 4 steamworks games.
#6 Posted by DefconRave (806 posts) -
only place I preorder from is GMG.
#7 Posted by mhofever (3954 posts) -

I usually pre-order on Gamersgate. I can redeem coins and use those coins to buy another game.

#8 Posted by Flubbbs (3460 posts) -

i have before.. i usually preorder from GMG for cheaper prices

#9 Posted by themagicbum9720 (6505 posts) -
i preorder on steam when i know i'll like the game.
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I don't preorder any games from anywhere these days.  Too many games are released very buggy, or they're just plain crap, so it's not worth it imo.

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If I want the game, then I usually pre-order. Basically because of the small price-cut, but lately the newer games tend to give you extra content if you pre-order, and enough people do it. I think it's very great. :]
#12 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -
green man gaming is far better place to pre order. I oly pre order when I 100% sure want it and at a great deal
#13 Posted by lostrib (41062 posts) -

haven't preordered in ages, and i really hate this new system where each seller offers a different "bonus"

#14 Posted by Miroku32 (8666 posts) -
I mostly wait for price drop. For pre orders if I'm interested in a game I'll look for the cheapest offer I can fin. Usually Steam lacks those offers. For example, I got Tomb Raider at $30 in pre order in another site. It was a great offer.
#15 Posted by kozzy1234 (35310 posts) -

Usually GMG or CDKey House instead, steam is great for sales though.

#16 Posted by murekkep (683 posts) -
I preordered LA Noire once. It got %50 off 2 weeks later. And 3.75$ 1 month later. So I swear to never preorder a game again.
#17 Posted by wis3boi (31812 posts) -

Quite rare that I buy games these days on day one/full price, but I did happen to get tomb raider as a preorder on steam, because I knew I would enjoy it and it was 10% off

#18 Posted by crippledmachine (256 posts) -

No, I never pre-ordered games before.

I think I may be placing my first pre-order for BioShock Infinite on Steam to get a free copy of the original BioShock. It's a pretty good deal.

#19 Posted by FinalFighters (1845 posts) -

Nope. i would though if a game i was interested in had a really good pe-order bonus

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I preordered LA Noire once. It got %50 off 2 weeks later. And 3.75$ 1 month later. So I swear to never preorder a game again.murekkep
And this is the Reason why i never pre-order^
#21 Posted by donalbane (16370 posts) -
I preordered Half Life 2, which was a loooong time ago. Since then, I've preordered a handful of games that I wanted day one, but I'm not preordering Infinite because I want the collector's edition with all that crappy plastic swag.
#22 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -

If it's a game I'm absolutely going to love and will play for a while, yes. But usually I wait for a sale sometime after release since I have so many games I can enjoy in the meantime, thanks to other Steam sales.

#23 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
I don't preorder ANY games unless it's a special circumstance (ie, Xenoblade's US release) and I NEVER preorder digital games. What, are they going to run out of downloads or something? (of course, I only buy digital games anyway if they are DRM-free ala GOG or Humble Bundles).
#24 Posted by Emraldo (1959 posts) -

The only game I've ever pre-ordered on Steam was Dishonored, and that was because I'd been waiting 6 years for Arkane's new game and couldn't bear to wait for a price drop. Other that that, I don't buy games at the full price. In today's wondrous world of digital distribution you can get most new games for 50% off within 4 months, and I'm very patient when it comes to most games.

#25 Posted by Elann2008 (33028 posts) -
For Digital-only, there's no reason to pre-order for day one. Retail copy, that's another story.
#26 Posted by Whiteblade999 (5549 posts) -

I preorder where I get the best deals, simple as that. I've been eyeing the Bioshock Infinite ones, but the free games don't look overly appealing, and I don't know if the game itself will be good or not.

#27 Posted by HowlingLotus (500 posts) -

Since switching the PC as my main platform I have rarely pre-ordered a game anywhere, but I have sometimes for the bonuses - especially if that includes free copies of games/sequels to the game coming out I haven't played yet.

Otherwise I wait due to many games receiving a complete/GOTY edition and for a sale. It isn't that I'm cheap - I just can't afford/justify $50-$60 for every new game when they could see a 25%-50% drop within the first few months. I'm still able to support the developers and any money I save allows me to purchase more games now and down the road.

For any games, not just PC, I tend to recommend against pre-orders unless you are 100% sure you want it and/or might be hard to find (physical copies). 

#28 Posted by LordShockTitan (218 posts) -

My first pre order from Steam was Bioshock Infinite. I normally would wait to see if it hits stage 3, but I wanted to contribute first.

#29 Posted by BattleSpectre (6679 posts) -

Depends on the game ay, the last game i pre-ordered and was really excited for was Heavy Rain. Nowadays i wait for a price drop but i will make an exception for The Last of Us and i was going to say GTA V but i'm going to wait for the PC version (fvck you Rockstar).

#30 Posted by NoAssKicker47 (2847 posts) -

I only pre-ordered Max Payne 3 and Half-Life 2. The closest to that was Far Cry 3 which I bought day one. Other than that, I usually wait for a price drop or a discount.

#31 Posted by slabber44 (985 posts) -
I pre-ordered Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite because I absolutely love both series. I got both from Steam. These are the first games that I've pre-ordered since Deus Ex HR which is another series I love. Definitely has to be a game I really am excited about. The whole rewards thing doesn't matter to me. I purchase the main game and if I get free stuff with it great. If not no biggie.
#32 Posted by boybrushdred (1892 posts) -

I pre purchase games on Steam if its on my most anticipated list. I don't care much about bonuses, just wanna play on launch day.

#34 Posted by kriggy (924 posts) -

last time I pre-ordered a game through Steam was Max Payne 3, and that's a pre-order I really found worth the cost because you got so many goodies along with the game.

#35 Posted by Cwagmire21 (5896 posts) -

I've only digitally pre-ordered once and that was Diablo 3 (no Steam) obviously. That was a waste as I wasn't able to log-in when the servers went up so looking back I wish I'd just gotten the box copy of the game, but at the time of pre-order, I was hoping to play as the servers went live. Not my smartest decision.

The only game in the near future that I plan to ever pre-order (on Steam) is AOE2. It's digital download only I believe and pre-orderers get the game 4 days early and a few bucks cheaper. Seems like a win-win.

However, if it's ever a game that I can get a boxed copy for, the pre-order bonuses would have to be pretty good to get digital over retail IMO.

#36 Posted by RealKilla_789 (3668 posts) -

I don't pre-order that much period. But I have bought pre-orders from Amazon and green man before.