Do people still play Battlefield 3?

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#51 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -


So yeah, if it wasn't obvious TC was trying to troll before, it is now.

Honestly, its pretty sad. They should make a monument to how sad this trolling is, a statue so people can cry in memory of how sad this is.


I'll have you know that I'm an exceptional troll.

I'm sorry but this thread says otherwise. A real troll does not get immediately discovered, after claiming they aren't trolling.

Its like, trolling 101. And you did not pass.

#52 Posted by Sweetbackhair (1926 posts) -
Haven't played it in a while, but 7.50 for that game is a steal
#53 Posted by NuclearDruid (2812 posts) -

It's an insanely popular game even on the PC, so yes people are still playing. Though whether or not I think it's worth to get is another question. I'd rather not buy a game that has turned it's back on the modding community. Battlefield 2 still feels like a much more in-depth game especially when incorporating teamwork with the commander mode.

#54 Posted by dramaybaz (6020 posts) -
Plenty of people playing it.