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#1 Posted by DylanDJK (2001 posts) -
Is there ever going to be a Directx10 compatable Linux? My friend has been telling me they are making this gaming Linux. Is this true? Im using YDL on ym PS3 right now and its like 2000000X better then windows, soo much better set up and seems smooth.
#2 Posted by -GeordiLaForge- (7148 posts) -
There will NEVER be a DirectX for Linux. Gaming linux uses OpenGL, which Microsoft is essentially killing by not supporting it in Vista.
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Don't get your hopes up; DX10 is tightly integrated into Windows Vista. However, that's not to say that DX10 cards have totally untapped potential under Linux. There are OpenGL extensions that allow the use of geometry shaders and other features normally associated with DX10, only this time on a graphics subsystem that doesn't require Windows. (Why nobody aside from id software uses OpenGL is beyond me.) If you're talking PS3 Linux, though, forget it. Its GPU does not have the proper architecture to allow for DX10 effects. A Linux PC with a graphics card such as the GeForce 8800, on the other hand...
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LOL i know my PS3 is screwed, old articheture i know that. So if i had the right components and they someone got opengl to like "emulate" DX10, it COULD be possible, but most likely not? BTW, im talking about my computer(doing a COMPLETE system revamp next year).