Diablo 2 - High Resolution Mod Released

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Does it support 1680X1050? Anyways, awesome can't wait to try it out later!
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Here are some screenshots, supports many resolutions...

Diablo 3

Diablo 2

Diablo 1

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wow that took long enough! hahahah!

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Would this work with Starcraft?
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Here are some screenshots, supports many resolutions...


Damn...my company's new firewall blocks image shack :(

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Nice! Does this work in multiplayer? Because it seems you could gain an unfair advantage over others who don't have this mod and are stuck with the 800x600 res. Not that I care about fair PvP (Or pvp at all for that matter) in this game any more... just a thought.
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Would this work with Starcraft?404-not-found

lol no starctaft is still just 600x400

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Pretty sure it doesn't work in MP.

DNuggs, if you click on the link from the Widescreen Gaming Forum thread, there are some pics in thier too. Although it might be posted via Image Shack as well.

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Seems weird to me :P Too far out, I think.
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Wow... Looks really nice.

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Must resist the urge to return....thank god for Sacred 2 right now. It will keep me in check.
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Thanks for the link. I'm gonna dust off my Diablo 2 game soon and try it in glorious 1680x1050.

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Hmm unable to download from that link...clicking on it or copy-pasting into address line just opens the main filefront page :(
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Wow, that's pretty awesome. The broader vision gives you a serious tactical advantage. The crazy wide skill bar at the bottom looks kinda ridiculous though :D
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Can someone put a screenie of 1680x 1050 if there is?
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Awesomeness! I hope they have 1440 X 900 which is my monitor's native resolution. Now I'm going to download D2 again. Thanks OP,

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I must resist the urge to play D2 again....noooooo!!!!!

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No 1440x900!!! Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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No 1440x900!!! Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

No, doesn't look that res is supported. It doesn't support my native res either but 1920 x 1080 is close enough, looks awesome.
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Is there a way to zoom the camera in without reducing the resolution? I agree it looks rpretty far out, although still great.
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Is there a way to zoom the camera in without reducing the resolution? I agree it looks rpretty far out, although still great.F1_2004
This mod doesn't allow you to do this, the unmodded version of the game doesn't have a zoomable camera either.
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Thanks for the link, will try it out once I reinstall Diablo 2 sometime this week.
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Awesome! Guess its finally time to play D2 for the first time. Does anyone know if this will work with Diablo 1? :D Would be awesome if there was something like this for Starcraft..

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Geeez, I already have a problem playing Diablo2 once a week. This will make me come back to Diablo2 even more i think, thanks for the post! :P