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Hey Guys I have a desktop computer that i would like to upgrade to a gaming pc. I would like to know if its worth upgrading my existing pc or if im better off just building one from scratch. also if i did upgrade it what new parts would best increase its performance and and any other advice you can give me. Here is a link to its specs ... Thanks heaps Kye
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That link does not work for me.
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That link does not work for me.Blistrax

Me neither

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If it's this you're referring to then the CPU is good enough to play any game at good settings and you can put 8GB of RAM in it and a decent graphics card and you should be good to go for playing just about any game available at high and ultra settings.

However a good cooler will be needed and maybe a new case to get better airflow but the cooler is the main thing.

Oh and you'll need a better PSU, 250W isn't going to cut it so get a good 500W PSU as well.

So in total that's 8GB RAM + Graphics Card + CPU Cooler + Good PSU and you'll be enjoying good gaming.