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Im thinking of picking up the dell m1210. Does anyone have any opinion on if its pretty good for gaming?

worth getting a 7200rpm hardrive over a 5400 rpm? best bang for buck on cpu speed?

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im thinking of just getting it with the geforce  go 7400
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I wouldn't recommend ANY laptop for gaming,at least until the mobile dx10 GPU's come out,why can't you build your own desktop???
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i could play games at work so, yeah.
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    last time i checked geforce go 7400 could only play doom 3 and not much more , if ya serious about gaming look 4 a go 7600+, and because of its small size it can heat up quite a bit and the 12'' widescreen isnt ideal 4 gaming either its just 2 small.
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For size and price, the 1210 is a pretty powerful little pc. It can't play the latest games on max, but it does play them at good settings with good framerates. I took both of my notebooks to a LAN recently and the 1210 played everything that my 1710 did. Don't listen to the notebook haters.
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cool, i think im gonna pick it up.
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Cools. Enjoy. And get the AV pack. The rotatable camera is pretty cool...