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I've been out of the PC gaming world for about ten years. I'm buying a new tower, and I've found that these days I know nothing about PC Monitors. The more I read online, the more confusing things get. There are a tonne of monitors out there for around £100, but I'm really not sure on the differences between them. Does anyone have a recommendation? (Other than keep looking).


Ben H

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A monitor is one of the most important things in a build. It is the thing you will be looking at all the time while using your PC. So don't cheap out on it.
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Personally I would reccomend saving up and buying this hp monitor it will give you lower black levels and static contrast ratio several times that of any ips or tn panel monitor(dynamic is a useless marketing spec). It has very low input lag less then one frame of input lag so great for even fast paced competive games and does not suffer from the horrid motion blur of older VA panels its closer to 60hz tn or ips panels in that regard. Viewing angles are't the best but a monitor at a desk should almost always have you viewing it dead center so not really issue. Colors seem to be pretty accurate after calibration you can see an indepth review here

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The current monitors are slowly being phased out for touchscreens, so if you keep an eye out and are patient I'm sure you'll get a great deal. 27inch benq LED monitors are good for a budget, I bought one for $200 canadian dollars which is probably close to 100 quid

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Thanks for the input guys.

I could maybe go up to around £100, it just means I'd have to dial back some of the software I was looking at.

As for touch screens. I've had a look around, and I thought touch screen desktops seemed a little unnecessary. But I've been wrong before.

Thanks again.