Dawn of War in 1920x1080?

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I bought the THQ pack because I owned none of those games. I installed the first Dawn of War and was excited to play it after that opening movie. The problem is that the resolution only goes up to 720p so I have to play in a window with font I can't even see. Is there any way I can get it at 1080p? thanks

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I went to the steam website and read to edit a file. I did and it made it a lot better but there is black bars on the side of the screen now. I think I am just going to play this for a little bit and go to Dawn of War II.

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dawn of war 1.4 uses pillar box for widescreen so it will maintain the 4:3 aspect ratio by placing black bars there is no way to get proper widescreen support never has(older version gave you vertical - which made the image wider technically but really you saw less then 4:3 as it cut a portion of the top and bottom) and probably never will