Dark Souls? Gonna give it another go...

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So everyone raves about Dark Souls. To be honest I didn't really give it a good go last time, but with part 2 around the corner, I'm going for another round.

One simple question, which is the EASIEST class to play?

As in the class that will give me the least grief to finish the game in the shortest time possible. I understand it's long but my gametime is limited so I need a class that's easy to manage and will take me to the end.


PS: Also, does the STEAM version use GFWL? Cause that is no more so....?

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I also heard it's better with a controller?

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My friend, a controller is a must. As for playstyle, personally, I find playing as a Rogue the easiest and most interesting as with parry/backstab you can pretty much instakill the majority of enemies. Even if they are very powerful, doing it 2/3 times will take them down relatively fast.

However, certain scenarios (bosses) will require a completely different play style. I'd advise reading some steam user created guides if you get stuck. be aware as well my chumling, death is part of the gameplay. You are suppose to play it over and over.

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start out as a sorcerer and pump points into intelligence and attunement and also use a guide DarkSoulsWikidots should have a ton of useful information

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Best to play with a controller

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I played it on 360 (controller obviously) and PC (K+M).

The controller was fine, as expected. For PC I read about all the raging against keyboard and mouse configs, but my 360 controller was wireless and I didn't really want to buy the wireless adapter to use for the PC. So I tried it with K+M, was terrible, and the cursor never disappeared.

Got the Mouse fix, played around with ini settings in the DSFix, rebinding the keys to my liking, and presto. Plays like a dream with K+M. The one thing that continues to suck about the K+M - and really, the game in general with or without a controller - is that the dreadful inventory system. It's like Skyrim for PC before the UI fix but insanely more infuriating.

It seems like no one plays the game without a controller, but once I got it working properly with accessible key bindings, I actually prefer it to a controller.

Regarding Class:

Pyromancer for sure. Look up pyromancer builds for ideal stats. Just remember, Dark Souls is all about equipment, not your characters stats. The stats will only determine what you can use. A pyromancer doesn't need strength more than 16, because that number will pretty much ensure you'll get all the weapons you want if you're building a Dex character, rather than a Strength one.

Dark Souls is one of those games where you really need to think ahead about what you want, but you don't what you want if you haven't seen any of it. So I suggest glossing over a guide, not least for all the things that you might miss. For example, I was 20 hours into my first playthrough before I found out you could Kindle bonfires to increase their Estus output. Much a facepalm was had.

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Great game and yes I feel a controller is a must. After playing about 75% of the game (taking a break) I feel the easiest class would have to be a caster type or ranged.

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I've beat the game a dozen times...just for a reference that I know what I'm talking about.

Pyromancer. Class only matters at the beginning of the game, but Pyro is just a great class to start with. You are still quick, can do ok melee, and have free fireballs between bonfires for any enemies you are struggling with.

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Use a controller for the game. The game was designed around the use of one anyways.

As for class, like others have said, it doesnt matter all that much but go with Pyromancer, because. 1. They have higher stats for their level than all the other classes save for wanderer which they are equal to. 2. They start with a pyromancy flame, and it takes longer until you can find the pyromancy flame than the other class starting items. 3. They start out really balanced and both fight and cast spells.

Ultimately, your starting class only determines how you start out.

For gift choose the lockpick.

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I've only 5 hours into it and I've just reached the part where you can go underneath the bridge.

It is a hard game indeed but I feel like it's one of those games that you savour for a long time and you feel great when you're rewarded.

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Great game. Very difficult for the first half, but then you gain momentum and can steamroll the final third of the game, which is quite satisfying. If you're short for time and have a controller then use it, but if you are patient enough to get DSFix and MFix working together along with better key bindings, then I think M&KB is actually better for faster turning.

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Thanks guys, Pyromancer it is.

Did anyone see my question about Steam and GFWL?

What happens if I buy Dark Souls and GFWL closes in June? Any ideas?

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@FelipeInside said:

Thanks guys, Pyromancer it is.

Did anyone see my question about Steam and GFWL?

What happens if I buy Dark Souls and GFWL closes in June? Any ideas?

I did not see the big deal about the game until I revisited it. I raged quit the first time because I attacked the blacksmith in Undead Burg. I would agree with being a pyromancer, but class choice from what I played really does not matter what does is what you spend your souls on though from what I have played equipment is the key to having a strong build. I love the game but have yet to cast a single spell, instead I just get around with a claymore or zweihander and shield with pretty decent upgrades. There are times magic would have been nice so I see a pyromancer role as a great choice. Also GFWL is still needed for online play but there are cracks to remove GFWL from being required.

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I'm playing it now, warrior is a b*tch! Pyro and Bandit I think would be good and look fun.

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@cyborg100000: Here, here. K+M takes some work to get it working, as opposed to plug and play 360 controllers, but its totally worth it.

@mhofever: On your second playthrough, assuming you do one, you'll reach that bridge in about 20 minutes, if that.

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Good luck, I did the same thing pretty much, played for like 10 hours, raged, came back a few months later and played it to completion.

I think its more important to have the right mind set going in than choosing any one class. If you want to rush through and get to the end, you will get frustrated quickly. It requires a patient, careful approach, and once you learn this, the game will fly by.