Cyber power pc any good?

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I'm looking to buy a computer, PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO MAKE ONE MYSELF!

A friend of mine bought his from and loves it. He tells me their prices are great and blah blah blsh.

Anyway, me, well i dont know much about the pricing so i need help. I was always told newegg has the lowest prices, but is cyber power pc better?

If im looking to buy a computer should i get it from newegg or this website? please help :)

thanks in advance

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you'r friend say it nice price but to be honest you still overpay for product that worth much less you are the one who decide to that And since you can't build ur own don't expect to Maxout Game as Far cry 2 Under 1300$ For 1920x1200 while own build : 700-900$

You see Cyber power make custom build pc that make you pay for a cpu cooler of 20$ for only 65.99$! with the Feature + 15Degree Celsius more hot then our concurrent) For my Personal experience i would always buy the cpu cooler that give more Celsius so my cpu is more hot and get more stress :D
(you know i'm joking for want more Celsius)

They also give 500GB : 7200:9 Seagate when you can get a Samsung F1 1TB (1,000GIG) 95$ or 1,500GIG (Seagate 7200:12) 120$ (not joking)
They give you some P45 as P5Q PRO When for same money you get X48 ;) at last when you spend for P45 On newegg you get the #1
(Gigabyte P45 UD3P) 115$

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wait, so your saying a computer i will buy from there for 1300 will only be 700-800 if i buy it?

But is that the best website for buying computers?

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I have been looking VERY CLOSELY at this company since prices are so low (though marcpro is right, it's cheaper to build one yourself). However, I'd be VERY careful about the company--look at the customer complaints about bad customer service, and judge for yourself - see and their own forums.

does anyone else have experiences with the company?? digitalstorm is much more reliable but more expensive

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You said not to tell you to make one yourself, which i wont do. But here are your options 1. Cyber Power PC 2. Good PC You decide:P Either way, go with HP, they are the only PC brand that have good reliability. EIther way, all of them give you the worst quality parts, so yeah, youre losing out on a lot. If youre spending that much money, why dont you get a friend or a shop to do it (you pick the parts, and if you need, with the help of us)
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Buy the parts from and and then get a local computer shop to assemble it for 50-100$. You'll save yourself a couple hundred compared to buying cyberpowerpc or whatever it is.
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Cyberpowerpc is a great place to buy from. I know several people who have bought computers from there and they love it. Make sure to get the professional wiring if you want it to look nice too.
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Okay, I won't tell you to build it yourself.

1. Order all your parts from Newegg.

2. Invite a friend who knows his/her(I know, yeah, right. A guy can imagine, can't he?) hardware for dinner.

3. Have him/her build it for you, and watch. You'll then see and learn how easy it is, and won't be a coward next time.


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Yeah that what i say I can make you the List of all hardware for money you seek as long you know what you want In gaming power cause i say ALL Pre-build Customizable System from AVA Direct / Cyberpower PC Will cost you load

Iv Explain you if example If the Computer build give you 500GB hard Drive for 100$ ? You can be sure NEWEGG THAT 95$ you got 1TB : and 125$ : 1.5TB Of Top-notch hard Drive With performances that are the top of 7.200RPM hard Drive it Even Defeat 10,000RPM raptor for both :
But do not confuse With Velociraptor 10,000rpm (195-300$ hard Drive 160GB-320GB)

Tough i say Example we take a E8400 + P45 Or X48 (Crossfire Optimized) + 4870x2 or 295GTX +2x2GB 1066mhz 5-5-5-15 : + 1TB hard Drive + Case CM 690 + Thermalright 120 TRUE It cost you around 900$ with a PSu OF 700-750WATS (high durability)

While if you want same spec on ava / cyberpower you'l pay at last 1500$ to have the same as if you did on own build so +500$ easy
And as most of you clueless about the hardware spec For motherboard / ram / PSU / Video card Value : I can Fix all that I know what worth price of all hardware

So Far I conclude That Cyberpower / AVA direct are much better then any Pre-build computer from bestbuy / Tigerdirect / and such similary Store
But You are having still the salty Price If you want a GREAT PC IL make it happen piece by piece then you assemble it at local store or Friend do it

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Do NOT buy from CyberPower. I just finished my Cyberpower NIGHTMARE a short while ago and wanted to tell everyone how bad these guys really are. Online configurator would reset evertime I tried to go back and look at what I was ordering. Took a week longer than they said because apparently something was on back order and they decided to not tell me. Got it out of the box and it looked like a 10 year old had done the paint job, over spray ever where, flaking off at the bottom, painted over the air filters and the DVD drive and SD drive bay. I had to cut the paint off the DVD drive so it would open properly. 220mm fan on top that was supposed be green is bright red instead. Multi SD card reader does not work at all probably because of the paint. Now comes the fun part where I spend 45 MINUTES on hold just to have some tech support guy tell me it came from Thermatake that way and I need to call them. "Really" is all I could say. The fan I was told was my fault and would have to live with it. When I told them about the DVD and SD drives( which cost less that 20 bucks according to their invoice) I was told that if I wanted to pay for new ones they would be more than happy to ship them to me, and then credit my card when they got the old ones back. Again "REALLY". That`s when I told them to just give me an RMA and I would take my money elsewhere, but they where`nt down screwing me over yet. Yea I got the RMA but they forgot to tell me that they don`t pay shipping on returns only on service. So now I have to pay a 100 dollars to ship it back. Thanks Cyberpower I`ll remember you guys for along time and will tell everyone how bad you really are. The only good that came out of this was that after reading some reviews on CyberPower, (whiich I should have done to begin with), a few people recommended an alternative company to CyberPower called Ironside Computers. Buying a computer through them was overall a much better experience. Their customer service is great and they respond to emails very quickly. They shipped the computer about a week after I purchased it. No dents, no damage, and the paint job looks amazing (they don't have custom painting on their site you have to ask for it). I've only had the computer for a little less than a week, but so far it runs beautifully. If anyone wants a working computer with a company that can provide great customer service check out
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2 years old bump ftw!
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My cyberpower rig is pretty good. The watercooled cpu is nice and overclocks nicely too. They did charge quite a bit more than building it yourself would have cost. Professional wiring is very nice and you can simply move the wires around if you need to upgrade anything.
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I don't remember posting in this thread..... @_@


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I bought from 2 years ago and was very happy. I only paid about 150 dollars more than I would have building the thing myself after pricing it out on Newegg. And that includeds shipping. If building it isnt an option, Id recommend Ibuypower.

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I don't remember posting in this thread..... @_@


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haha if following one posting history was easier but i wonder how did it got a post it was in 2009 .... i do remember posting in it with kaitanuvax tough i wonder what was the outcome

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On a sidenote, Marc's post still make no sense :P