Crysis - Reckoning - Glitch

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#1 Posted by bond22 (596 posts) -

After I picked up the nuke I got to where I can hear the admiral but when I punched the door the Admiral pops out of no where with his arms out with his pistolin his hands but doen't die by an alien there is nothing around.

I know he is supposed to die by an alien but he is just stuck.

I can't beat this level somebody help please!

I hvae installed all the patches.

#2 Posted by nVidiaGaMer (7793 posts) -
Why don't you FRAPS it so we can see and help? There needs to be a way.
#3 Posted by bond22 (596 posts) -

I tried to use fraps but my pc can't handle fraps and crysis.

any other syggestions?

I found one other person with this problem

#4 Posted by s_emi_xxxxx (1054 posts) -
restart the level from begining dude, that's the only solution. i remember in my first play thru i experienced a frustrating bug which didn't allow me to lock on to my target. i was like.. wtf is going on. later i realised it was a bug & i had to play that level from begining,.. which fixed it.