CRT Monitors and magnets.. help

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#1 Posted by rlc-madcat (192 posts) -
Someone in my family accidentally placed a strong magnet on my CRT monitor. now there is a rather large discolored area on the screen. I tried to use the degauss function of my monitor but that did not help. How can I correct this and why does this happen in the first place?
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I don't think you can undo it. I hope for your sake I am wrong.
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Here's a link I found on google, with a video tutorial of how to fix this problem...

Also a local TV repair store, or appliance store, maybe even a PC shop can help you, they will have a tool that will degauss your monitor with a more powerful coil then the onei n your monitor...

As for why magnets do this to CRT's, it's because
The way CRT's work is that a beam of electrons are "shot" onto the screen electromagnetically, a magnet changes the magnetic field, and changes the proper dispersion of electrons...

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You have to fix the magnetic field. I heard they are cheap tricks to do that.
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Let the monitor rest for a while, it should restore all by itself. If it doesn't, go with it to an electronics store and send the bill to the family member!
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Several CRT monitors I had in the past had a built in degauss.
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thanks for the suggestions.. I'll look into those soon.