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should i change the stock fan .... to a better one or stick with the stock fan?
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Do you plan to overclock? If not, then it really ain't needed, unless you just want something that looks better than the stock.
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yeah i plan to overclock it
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Then I would go with the Tuniq Tower 120, I only hit 50c running 2 instances of prime 95.  I  notice almost no temperature rise when gaming.  I idle around 39-41c overclocked to 3.2GHz from 2.4, and that is with the fans at low speed.  I like my computer cool and quiet.
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Unless you: - want to OC - have a loud fan - have high temps it's not necessary to change the stock HSF. But if one of these things above is true, I would look out for a good HSF for a good price. The Scythe Ninja or the Arctic Freezer would be good.
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you dont need to, unless you put like crap on fire in your case to see how hot you can make stuff
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kk thnx for the replies
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3 ghz and below no, beyond 3ghz yes.