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I was playing bf2 last night and my computer turned itself off midgame. No warning, no onscreen artifacts, one second it was fine, the next the screen was black and the power was off.

When I tried to switch the computer back on, the fans and lights come on for a half a second, then it all switches off again. If I try and switch it on again after this, nothing happens. If I turn off the power to the case, then turn it back on 30 seconds later, I get the same result as the first time - fans, lights for half a second, then nothing.

I've had a similar problem in the past, where the computer would switch on, then switch off again, and I didnt have the CPU properly installed. Fixed the CPU and it all worked fine.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or can anyone shed any light on which piece of hardware it is that may be causing these problems?


PC Specs-
AMD 3700+ @ stock
Epox Mobo, forget what model
1GB Corsair C2 @ stock
XFX 6800GS
Macron Case/400W PSU
SB Audigy

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Probably time for a new power supply. If you know what you're doing, get inside and check all wires to make sure they're firmly attached and not shorting something.
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Usually if the computer is having CPU problems the computer either locks up or restarts. What you can do is open up your case and vacuum out all of the dust. Sometimes enough dust gathers on the motherboard to become conductive and short circuit some circuits or switches so getting the dust it is one step. While you're at it, try reinstalling the switch cables from your case and vacuuming those out. Then close it up and try it again. If that didn't solve it, another possible problem could be your PSU. If your PSU is failing that would explain your computer dying out during game, where a lot of stress is put on the PSU. If you can get your hands an a suitable PSU to try swapping it out and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem persists with a new PSU, you know the problem is somewhere else. You may want to try reinstalling the CPU. If that doesn't fix it, try booting up in Safe Mode, if it doesn't shut off in safe mode then it's most likely a software problem rather than a hardware problem. If the problem persists in Safe Mode, you may want to consider taking the thing to a professional to pinpoint the problem.
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cheers for the feedback,

I actually recall when I had my last CPU problem that the mobo would beep before it shutdown. This time no beep so that leads me to think its either mobo or PSU problem.

Ill give it a clean when I get home, and if that doesnt work Ill try another PSU.

thanks again
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PSU was buggered.

got a new one and its fine

good call guys, cheers :)
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PSU was buggered.

got a new one and its fine

good call guys, cheers :)

I hope you spent the $$$ for a decent P.S.U.

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 yeah id like to think i got a reasonable one.

Coolermaster extremepower 550W, I actually bought a Thermaltake 550, but when I got it home I noticed they had given me the wrong one.  Not much difference in price, but Im not sure about Coolermaster, do they make reasonable PSUs?

Im not too bothered though, its my crappy machine and Im not looking to spend a whole lot of cash.