Could someone help? (Nvidia Adaptive Vsync)

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Just a quick question about Nvidia's A-Sync, so i've been reading up on this could someone help?

I thought this was the only option to keep the FPS as high as possible when not at 60FPS but using the MSI Afterburner it looks like normal Vsync does also? I thought with normal Vsync they would drop to 30FPS if it ever dropped below 60? (on Skyrim)

Bit of a strange one, but just wondered, thanks.

#2 Posted by GTA_MGS_1 (516 posts) -

Anyone? I thought with normal vsync it runs at 60FPS but if it drops it would automatically go to 30FPS?

on MSI Afterburner it drops normally from 60 to 59, 58 etc.. on normal vsync not 30FPS?

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Are you sure you are using vsync?