Corsair K90 or Blackwidow Ultimate?

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#1 Posted by kris9031998 (7554 posts) -

I've got $110 to spend on a keyboard, which should i get?

I want it to be mechanical, backlit and to have a rest for my wrists. These 2 seem to be pretty good, which is better? Or is there something better than both?

#2 Posted by MuD3 (1218 posts) -

the cooler master or k90. i would say cooler master just because all the switches are mechanical and some of the k90s are rubber dome, and i just don't care for corsairs mechanical boards, but that's more a personal issue than a fault of they keyboards.

#3 Posted by Masenkoe (4888 posts) -

It's the Corsair K90, go with that one.

#4 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23463 posts) -

the k90 gets dirty really quick i've heard because of the open design, and the delete key isn't cherry mx which would bother me
and the blackwidow isn't cherry mx red

so, neither
get the rosewill cherry mx red keyboard

if i had to pick, I'd get the blackwidow simply because it's not open design. Even though cherry mx blues would slow me down. I use all the keys on my keyboard quite often, so going from mechanical to rubber constantly would be anoyying which would make the k90 a poop choice for me.

#5 Posted by Masenkoe (4888 posts) -

question jiggly, how often does one press the delete key,

im just saiyan

#6 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23463 posts) -

question jiggly, how often does one press the delete key,

im just saiyan


a lot

i am serious

i rarely use backsapce

just ctrl + delete

and ctrl + arrow keys

and if you are using any program you will be pressing delete a lot

#7 Posted by Masenkoe (4888 posts) -

okaym, never really gave it too much thought you make a valid point though.