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Cooling units... I'm building a new computer out of my old area 51 case by alien ware. hopefully it will all fit if not I'll buy a new case... I'm puting in a evga Nforce 680i mother board with a core 2 extream quad core qx6700 with 4 gigs of corsair xms2 800 htz ram  2 evga geforce 8800 gtx 768mbs (i know vista doesn't sapport 2 yet) a bfg Physx card a 1000 watt bfg power supply...  Running vista ultimate, any good ideas on a fast hard drive? I have a 500 gig back updrive keeping my old DVD drive and Cd buring Drive I rarely burn cds let alone dvds so no point in upgrading that... keeping my sound blaster live audigy 2 sound card. I was wondering what kinda cooling unit you think I would need for this kinda set up. The case already has 5 fans but I'll need a new cpu fan atleast. I was thinking liquide cooling but not sure if they make one for the chipset yet... This is my first almost full build so any other ideas for me?
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Thats is one hell of a build first off...second off, cooling wise, I would probly not go with liqiud cooling. In a case that water does get out and leaks, thats a lot of money wasted down the toilet. For cooling stick with a good name brand heatsink for your cpu. Go with an obviouse copper heatsink with a good sized fan. I mean some fans out there can cool those core 2's pretty good. And the 5 fans should keep the rest of the system pretty cool too. If you want sub 10 degree temps, (and this is no lie) my friend keeps his case in his window sill with the window opend a crack. LOL.
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thanks I didn't mean to double post this hehehe
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im building a similar computer to yours... the only thing is make sure u have enough room for the 2 8800gtx and the physX card... on that mobo... the slots are very close... u might just want to hold off on the physx card... no games really support it this early in development... id wait a year when they come out with the 256 xfi cards... oh yea and about the cooling  there is closed loop system cooler from that will keep your quad cores cool...
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the core 2 quads run hot.. if you overclock them, they flat-out laugh in the face of all but the best air cooling. water can be a huge hassle, but is also very worth it in temps and relative silence. they make waterblocks for the socket, not the chipset, so it's just 775 all over again. for air cooling, i think you're stuck with tuniq 120, scythe infinity, zalman 9700 or thermalright ultra 120 pretty much.
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thanks for all the help... I'll have to play it by year as the parts arrive and I put them together...
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ear or year?
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I thought it was year...... eh....