Computer Build Help: Power Supply/GPU/CPU

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Hello all, One day, I pulled the power cord out of my custom built PC, and it looks like it shorted the motherboard. While my warranty replacement motherboard is on the way, I took the chance to purchase a couple new parts for my computer. I recently purchased the following (Seen in links) My processor is a quad core Phenom running at about 3.2 gHz. First off, I'm worried about CPU/GPU bottleneck issues. Will I be okay with this processor and video card to play games like BattleField 3 or Skyrim? I really don't want to spend an additional $400 or a new motherboard and i7.. Also, my motherboard is not the best in the world. It is a mATX board that I got around for $80. (Link Below) Also, should I get a new power supply? I'm worried that this may happen again, and this time it may fry my $250+ video card along with it. Anyways, I'm just looking for overall thoughts and comments on the build. PS. I also bought a 250GB SSD to complement the upgrade. ---- Video Card: GTX 660Ti Liquid CPU cooler: GPU Cooler: Motherboard: Potential Power Supply:
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Its fine

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haha thanks.