command line for gta IV episodes from liberty city

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Is there something like command line for gta IV episodes from liberty city which will increase resource usage gta4 episodes from liberty city? Tnx for all answers :)

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You didn't specify if you have the downloaded version from GFWL or whether you had the retail disc version of EFLC. If you have the retail disc version of EFLC then the process is fairly simple.

Firstly go to the folder you installed EFLC too, you will know you are in the right folder because you will find files like "EFLC.exe" and "EFLC.exe.cdf". In that folder create a text file and call it "commandline.txt" (do not type the quotes). Open that text file and use EITHER ONE of the following commands :-

-availablevidmem 1.5



Then save the text file and when you start up EFLC you should see your video memory has increased if you used the first command or if you used the second command you should have no memory restrictions. I personally prefer the availablevidmem command myself.

If you have the downloaded version of EFLC then I cannot really help I can only assume that since you launch the DLC from within GTA 4 then any commandlines you have set up for GTA 4 will work with the DLC. If you currently don't have any commandlines for GTA 4 then the process is the same as above except you make the "commandline.txt" file in the GTA 4 install directory.

You can find out more information on the commandlines here :-

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Tnx my friend it really works tnx once again :)