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Hey all,

Not been around here for god knows how long, and it's all changed, so not really sure where I should be posting it, i'm not that great with PC specs, so just wondering if I could run this, even with windowed mode and a low specs;

Windows 8 (I know, that's not good, but better than Vista!)

AMD Radeon HD 8550G + 7670M Dual Graphics (No idea what to think with cards, numbers make no sense to me)

8GB DDR3 ( I know this is fine )

AMD Quad Core @ 2.2ghz ( Iffy about this one, Quad core saves the day?)

Need anymore info or if this needs moving, let me know.


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Should be fine on medium with that 7670

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@MonsieurX: Sweet, cheers for letting me know, really need to learn about the Gfx cards lol

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Quad core @ 2.2 ghz seems low though.

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@exiled_paladin: Well up to 3.2ghz

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ok thats alot better yeah should be able to play @ medium settings then.

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From looking at notebook check based on the black ops 2 benchmarks for basically the same gpu as the 8760M look to be very close to a 7670M but lower power consumption. You will need to settle for low to get good framerates. Lowering resolution should help assuming there testing at 1280x800-1336x768 which is what most midrange budget laptops have as there native screen resolution. This will further reduce image quality but 60+fps > 30-60fps in a fast paced mp fps.

The game will look bad but higher Framerate is more important then graphics in enjoying fps especially mp fps of course if you have a good enough pc you don't have to compromise or not very much but for low end pc gaming this is the choice you have to make unless your willing to upgrade which in the case of a laptop means buying a whole new one.

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@DJ_Headshot: Hey, cheers for the reply, i did do a little check on system requirements lab, but i don't follow that to well, and that says that i can run it, just gives me a little bit of an idea. I did just recently purchase this laptop mainly for work use with a little bit of gaming on the side. I tend to play all my games in windowed mode, so that i can do so whilst focusing on other things, so even running it as low as 800x600 is no big deal for me. I've recently been playing FarCry 3, - beautiful game without any issues on medium at 1280 x 768 on low, so I'm presuming I'll have little trouble running low on CoD: Ghosts. Thanks for your input, this is just a temporary solution for gaming with the laptop until I move into my new house in the next few months.