Civ 5 Multiplayer Network

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I've noticed it can be difficult to get a multiplayer game organized within the games built in lobby in spite of the Civ franchise being a hugely popular IP.. So I was hoping anyone interested in playing some good old Civ MP (Civ 5 that is) in the next few days/weeks/month(s) could list their Steam ID here so I can set up a Civ friends list (:

I'll get the ball rolling.


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I have not tried the online portion yet, just hooked on singleplayer.

I will try the online soon though.

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lol Im too scared of getting owned so no thanks. But thanks for the offer.
#4 Posted by 4th3ist (510 posts) -

You can still play cultural, science, space race, etc... You can also predesignate teams if that makes you feel better.